Monday, April 18, 2011

Cold Cave | Cherish The Light Years: Stream

I wasn't too familiar with Cold Cave, except for a downoad I acquired awhile back of the song "Life Magazine," so when I had the chance to check into the rest of their catalog I was really impressed. Sounding very inspired by the likes of Factory Records alum, Joy Division, New Order and OMD, Cold Cave is a band you'll like if you ever had the first the VHS or Beta album on repeat listens.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Otomata | Generative Sequencer Music Toy

I stumbled upon this the other day and thought I'd share. Just click on the squares to create a sequence that is looped and become Radiohead.

Coachella | 2011: Live on YouTube

I've always wanted to attend Coachella, but the thought of the hot desert weather and fighting thousands of people to see a handful of bands I like has always made me rethink going. So, last night I checked out Coachella's live broadcast on YouTube and have to say, wow! Favorites from last night include Foals, New Pornographers, The Kills, Mumford and Sons and The Swell Season.
There are three channels that are being broadcast corresponding to the different stages, see below. Tonight, I'll be checking out The National, The Strokes, Health, Best Coast and Foster the People for sure. Simply plug in the laptop or computer into your tv and the stream is seamless and looks great. No lines, no hot weather (it's 57 degrees and raining where I'm at) and no money spent.
Channel 1
4:00PM • Wiz Khalifa
5:00PM • Nas & Damian Marley
6:10PM • Death from Above 1979
7:25PM • The National
8:30PM • Ratatat (Partial Set)
8:55PM • The Strokes
10:30PM • TBA

Channel 2
4:00PM • Jack's Mannequin
4:50PM • Jimmy Eat World
5:55PM • Fistful of Mercy
7:25PM • Duran Duran
8:35PM • Chromeo
9:45PM • PJ Harvey
11:05PM • She Wants Revenge

Channel 3
4:00PM • Angus & Julia Stone
5:35PM • MEN (Partial Set)
6:05PM • Best Coast
6:55PM • Foster the People
7:40PM • Ellie Goulding
8:30PM • ENCORE - Mumford & Sons
9:30PM • ENCORE - The National
10:45PM • ENCORE - Duran Duran

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Handsome Furs | Sound Kapital: What About Us

If you're a fan of Handsome Furs you'll probably like this preview of their forthcoming album Sound Kapital, "What About Us." It marks a bit of a departure from guitars and the word on the street is it relies only on keyboards and beats. I'm not sure what to make of this quite yet as I really liked the addition of guitars on Handsome Furs' previous efforts, we'll have to wait and see.


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